Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 122, Boscobel, WI 53805
Phone: 608-375-2672
Fax: 608-375-2672

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Mission Statement

Our mission, as the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce, is to promote the city of Boscobel to businesses, residents, and tourists.


To provide support to existing businesses through marketing. This is to include advertising and community events, as well as the promotion of tourism.
To promote the growth of our community by attracting residents to live, shop, and work in Boscobel.
To provide support to the city of Boscobel and the Boscobel Developers in their efforts to retain and attract businesses to our community to include Manufacturing, Retail, and Service.

2019 Board Officers

President: Mary Wilson | Community Member |
Vice President: Judy Dayton | GBAHC |
Treasurer: Teesha Bacon | Accounting Associates |
Secretary: Annie Nance

Board Members

Jason Sparrgrove | Udder Brother’s Creamery |
Sue Bacon | Willow and Ivy Design |
Wendy Baker | Paisley Star |
Ray Saint | State Farm Insurance |
Bernadine Mezera | Beinborn Pump Sales & Service | People’s State Bank |
Sheila Sobek | Farmer’s Market Manager |

Chamber Outstanding Citizen Award

The Chamber Outstanding Citizen Award goes to an individual who demonstrates good citizenship and community spirit. There is no age limit; everyone is eligible for the award. A committee of local people will review the nominations and make the selection. The award will be presented at the Annual Chamber Banquet held in January. The individual’s name will be placed on a plaque at the City Library.

The criteria is as follows:

  • Is supportive of youth
  • Demonstrates good faith and integrity
  • Honest and personable
  • Proud and supportive of the Boscobel area community
  • Active in community service
  • Living or deceased
  • Helps promote goodwill toward others

If your organization or members would like to submit the name of individuals to be considered for the award, please send a letter of recommendation to the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 122, Boscobel, WI 53805. We encourage your participation and thank you for your contribution.