Chamber Dollars…What are they?

Chamber Dollars are checks purchased from the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce by businesses or individuals.

Chamber Dollars are only redeemable at businesses that are members of the Boscobel Area Chamber of Commerce and are meant to be a membership benefit. The purple placard should be displayed near your cash register to help identify your business to the customer.  If you do not have one for your business please contact the Chamber Office to get one.

They look just like any check. They are printed on a beige/tan colored check payable to “Boscobel Chamber of Commerce Merchants”, and in any amount that the purchaser requests; unusually in $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 dollar denominations.   Each check must be endorsed by the person redeeming it, and stamped by the member when depositing it.  You will also notice that each check given out is signed by two (2) members of the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce.  Please do not except any check that does not have two (2) signatures on them.

These checks are to be used toward the purchase of goods or services, to keep that money circulating within our business community. In the case where the amount of the check exceeds the purchase price, change can be given to the bearer; however, most businesses require that 75% – 95% of the face value of the check be used for the purchase.

A word of caution, these checks cannot be re-issued if they are lost or stolen.

If you have any questions concerning this program or to change an order, please contact the Chamber office at 608-375-2672 or

Thank you for your support and being a Boscobel Chamber Member!

For a printable list of participating merchants, click here.  (Subject to change)
For a printable letter (same as above), click here.

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