Take a spin through Boscobel on two wheels

Motorcycling Scenic Fall Roadways

There’s no better way to take in the sights of the Driftless Region in Southwest Wisconsin than in the open air on two wheels. And whether it’s gas or pedal powered, we’ve got some tips on having a great weekend exploring Wisconsin’s Outdoor Recreation…

Unique experiences await at campgrounds whether you’re in a tent, RV or cabin

sandbar camping

Our beautiful countryside offers up a lot of options for outdoor adventure, especially if staying in the outdoors while you’re here is part of the plan. The Boscobel area and the rest of Grant County have every type of camping for you to choose…

Five Surprising Fly Fishing Facts

A man fly fishing.

Fishing is the second most popular outdoor activity in America only behind running. Fly fishing in particular grew by almost 400,000 new participants in recent years! Having long been one of the greatest ways to connect with nature, fishing has been extensively written about…

Which Driftless Snow Sports Are You Dying to Try?

Driftless Snow Sports

Have you heard? There is a growing trend in Wisconsin that’s literally had a snowball effect throughout the Midwest. It goes by many names with the most common being “Snow Sports.”

Why Deer Hunting on Public Land is the Best

Deer Hunting on Public Land in Boscobel, WI

We’re not crazy – it’s true! Deer hunting on public land throughout the state of Wisconsin is largely underrated due to any number of widespread misconceptions. Whether you prefer to spend your bowhunting or gun season among the Northwoods’ pines or the rolling bluffs…

7 Ways to Enjoy Fall Colors in Boscobel, WI

Enjoy Fall Colors in Boscobel, WI

Autumn is a season for slowing down. Most of the year, our schedules are crazy and hectic, and this makes it tough to take a step back and appreciate the little things around us. But in this magical transition season, the crisp, smoky air…

ATV & UTV Riding: Exciting Tours of the Driftless Area

ATV Riding in the Drifltess Area - Visit Boscobel

When it comes time for you to once again hit the open road on an adventure, there’s a growing trend for exploring the Driftless Area on four wheels: ATV Riding! In Boscobel, we’re known as Wisconsin’s Outdoor Recreation Destination due to the availability of…

Boscobel Farmer’s Market & Heritage Depot Day!

Boscobel Farmer's Market & Depot Day!

Rich in history, agricultural prowess, and connection to the land, Boscobel is centrally nestled along the Lower Wisconsin Riverway – the very heart of the state’s driftless area. It’s difficult to experience all of these lively aspects of our community in a single visit,…

Driftless Region: Wisconsin Weekend Getaways for Riders

Touring Driftless Wisconsin on Two-Wheels!

The Driftless Area is one of the best Wisconsin weekend getaways, spanning several counties and nearly 30 communities east of the Mississippi River. It’s a natural wonderland of unglaciated majesty to behold. First settled by Amish families – many of whom remain – there…

How to Have a Successful Sandbar Camping Trip

Sandbar Camping on the WI River

Some outdoor activities can be found just about anywhere. Camping on a Wisconsin River sandbar, however, is not one of them. This experience, unique to the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, is enjoyed by many locals and out-of-towners alike. As the old saying goes, it’s not…